Sony VAIO Tap 20

We showed you yesterday our hands on video with the new VAIO Duo 11 from Sony and at that same event I was lucky enough to get to use the big brother of the Duo - the VAIO Tap 20 which was announced at IFA in Berlin last month. At first glance this thing just looks like a big PC with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but it has some secrets up it sleeve. With a built in battery, allowing for three hours of power, the Tap 20 can be picked up and taken wherever you like.

So effectively you could be working at your desk and decide to go and have a bath with the VAIO Tap 20 as company. I'm not sure I would recommend that option but it's up to you.

With an adjustable kickstand on the rear of the unit, positioning the device can be adjusted to suit your needs - or just lay it flat and have a HUGE tablet! The 20 inch panel offers crisp, clear images and a wide angle of view, as well as an HD web camera (maybe the bath isn't such a good option!)

Running Windows 8 the Tap 20 is quite a glorious desktop option whether for at work or at home. NFC is supported out-the-box, and the PC will sport an Intel i7, i5 or i3 processor, maximum of 8GB RAM, 750GB or 1TB HDD, USB 3.0, SD card slot, HD webcam and Intel HD 4000 graphics. Sounds almost too good to be true. I dread to think what the price will be.

Hands up who wants one? Let us know please in the comments.