Wead is a Windows Phone 8 app that lets you insert local weather information on to your photos. The app acts more like a plug-in, accessible through the edit menu when you view individual photos in the Pictures Hub.

Weave was updated today to version 2.0 and brings a new user interface and a sharing option to the table. The new user interface calls for you to enter your location then retrieve the current weather conditions. From there you choose your temperature units, font style and color then set your text position with the slider controls.


Once you've saved your Wead image, you can share it through your typical Windows Phone sharing avenues (email, sms, social networks, etc.).

While the update does bring more functionality to Wead, there's still room for improvement. There is a nice selection of font styles, but you really need a selection of font sizes. As is, I found the text to be too small and the spacing between the City location and weather information is rather large as well.   

Still, the version 2.0 update for Wead takes the app in the right direction it just needs a little typesetting adjustments.  If you haven't tried Wead, it's a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Wead