The Weather Channel app Windows Phone

This morning The Weather Channel app for Windows Phone has hit version 1.2. Although the old changelog is still listed from the big redesign a few weeks ago, we have gone through and noticed a few alterations to the app.

One of the largest and most welcome changes is the removal of secondary locations by swiping left or right. One issue with this old method was redundancy if you only had one location the app would still show a second place to the right.

Now, in version 1.2 that gesture has been removed. Instead, there is now a search button in the lower right corner to access saved location, or at add new ones. You can alternatively just tap the location header at the top, which also features a magnifying glass to access the same feature.

Additionally, when you scroll down for the weather forecast, a new arrow button appears in the upper right area. Tapping this arrow acts as a jump button to go back to the top. Considering how long the scroll down function can be, this is certainly a useful addition.

Other than that, there appear to be a few UI tweaks and changes throughout but nothing else major has caught our attention.

The Weather Channel app is the perfect example of the power of universal apps on Windows and Windows Phone, so it is great to see the continued support. Speaking of, so far the Windows 8.1 version has not received an update, although we suppose that could happen today as well.

Download The Weather Channel for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)