Sure we have Weather Channel, Weather Bug and AccuWeather, plus a few other indy weather apps in the Marketplace (e.g. World Weather), but we don't have too many (if any?) Metro-inspired weather programs. 'Weather Live' by Hyperise fills the niche and we're going to personally vouch for it as our new lil' favorite.

First, we should mention that this app doesn't have NextRAD, live cams, 14-day weather forecast with pollen counts. Nope, this is a simple, streamlined program that shows you current conditions and the next 3-days--that's it. So if you need more, this won't be for you.

So why is it good? For one, it turns out we only look at current conditions and the next 3-day most of the time anyways. Two, it's lightning fast, pulling only ~12kb a day when used hourly with the Live Tile. This means we can launch it and have it update within a blink of the eye.

Oh yeah and it has a cool live tile that shows you a weather icon and below it (from left to right) current temp, day high/low and time of last update. You can also set the update schedule from once a day, twice a day, four times a day or hourly. Upon an  update, it pings your aGPS location, meaning you never have to set your city--it basically follows you wherever (alternatively, you can set a city of your choosing). Sure, we'd like to see a few more options like 12 hour time and perhaps a more prominent current temp, etc. Hopefully the dev plans to add some features with future updates.

Weather Live comes in two versions too: free, completely functional with ads (nice) or you can pay $0.99 to remove the ads. We did the latter because we liked it so much, but hey, the option is up to you, right? So if you need a quick weather app that blends with your default Metro tiles, here you go. Find it here in the Marketplace.