Although we have the staples like WeatherBug and The Weather Channel, there has been...lets just say, less attention given to 3rd party weather apps on the Windows Phone platform. Sure, there are a few out there, but the competition/creativity is nothing like Twitter or tabbed-browser development.

So WeatherDuck is the first 3rd party weather app that caught out eye. It's nothing radically amazing, but rather simple, light and fast. The app is free with ads (we'd like to see a non-ad version for $0.99) and even boasts a Live Tile seen above. One thing we like is how the Live Tile matches your accent color, making it look more natural (though WeatherBug's "ambient" weather color is kind of neat). [Note: default is Celsius, which is why is says 5 degrees above--we're waiting for the LT to refresh for Fahrenheit]

The app doesn't give super details--rather just days broken into four increments 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm along with temperature, wind direction/speed and precipitation. Point being, it's free, light and it works so we think you should at least take a look if you're looking for an alternative. Grab it here in the Marketplace.