No argument here. There are a lot of weather apps available for your Windows Phone. You have the full gambit from Accuweather to WeatherLive. You can now add WeatherMaster to the pot and it ain't too shabby of an addition.

WeatherMaster's main page displays the current conditions for your current GPS location and a seven day forecast (includes the current day). At the bottom of the screen are button controls to:

  • View a detailed page on the forecast (breaks things down hourly)
  • Pull up a weather map with satellite and radar layers.  You can even add cities to your forecast list from the map.
  • Add cities
  • Delete the current location

Additionally, from the "three-dot" menu you can access the apps settings, refresh the information and read about the application.

From the settings you can disable your location services, choose which forecast city shows up on your live tile, and choose your units of measurements. The App runs on Windows Phone 7 or higher so for now, only one live tile is possible.

All in all, WeatherMaster is a nice weather app for your Windows Phone. I liked the Weather Map but would have liked to have seen an option to animate the layers. There is a Mango version in the works which should bring multiple live tile support into the mix and maybe we'll see some animation to the map as well.

There is a free trial version available for WeatherMaster and the full version runs $1.99. You can find WeatherMaster here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.