The news that had cut off WeatherPanel's access to its data sparked a torrent of outrage from you guys yesterday. And rightfully so – it's a darn useful app.

But never fear, as the with all things Windows Mobile, you just know someone's going to come up with a workaround for a problem. And that rings true for WeatherPanel.

PPCGeeks member tcbusch has posted a .dll fix that will restore WeatherPanel back to its former glory. As tcbush explains:

A little over a year ago I received an email telling me that was going to require authentication. At that time I knew WeatherPanel was going to stop working when this policy was enforced. I thought about how to overcome this issue and created a webserver redirection scheme that would embed the authentication into the url query that weatherpanel sends to I have been sitting on the code for over a year waiting for the day that arrived earlier in the week. ... I implemented my fix on a server to verify it worked.

So, you have two options:

  1. Download tcbusch's fix (unzip the new .dll file, make sure WeatherPanel is disabled, and replace the old file in Program Files>Marsware>WeatherPanel with the new one.)
  2. Just download the updated CAB file.

Let them never say it can't be done! And thanks to thacounty in our comments for the tip!