There are a few "must have" apps for Windows Phone and we think Weave is one of 'em (see early review). So it's exciting to see it hit the big version 3.0 after some extensive beta testing, which we were lucky to see first hand. The free version (ad-supported) is now available for your usage and the paid, no-ad version is coming later this week (selectable backgrounds held it up, but SelesGames says, you get selectable backgrounds). The new animations, design and features make this app even better, so we so no reason why if you haven't already, you shouldn't give it a spin.

Features include:

  • 33 pre-loaded categories including world, financial, deals, fashion, video games, technology, and sports news just to name a few!
  • Add new categories at any time
  • Over 180 pre-loaded, high-quality news sources including CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Engadget, USA Today, NY Times, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, and many more!
  • Feed search – you can search for new feeds by topic or website name
  • Easily manage your feeds and categories via the settings screen
  • Preview articles with a touch of a finger
  • View full articles at your leisure
  • Share articles with your friends, via email!
  • Post an article to your Facebook wall!
  • Tweet an article to your Twitter followers!
  • Send an article to Instapaper!

Personally, we're waiting for the paid version because it rocks pretty hard. But for only the occasional news reader out there, this free edition is solid as can be. Grab it here in the Marketplace, let us know in comments your thoughts on their redesign.