We really like Weave. It’s one of our favorite news readers on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The app has been out forever and we’ve seen it grow and mature over the years. The biggest change was the introduction of the new Weave cloud services that allowed the apps to sync between Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The apps were recently pulled because of a bogus copyright claim from a French company. Have you been missing Weave since upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 or getting a new phone? Good news because Weave is back on the Windows Phone Store.

The legal/trademark issues have not been resolved. Instead, Microsoft has policies that state the French company had 14 days to file a court proceeding. That hasn’t happened so Microsoft has given the green light for Weave to come back into the Windows Phone Store.

There’s still a strong possibility that the app will be pulled if they file a new claim against Microsoft, so we recommended downloading as soon as possible.

Download Weave (free) from the Windows Phone Store (first QR code)

Download Weave (paid/$9.99) from the Windows Phone Store (second QR code)

Download Weave from the Windows Store

QR: Weave Free

QR: Weave

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