It's time for Software Wrangle 23 and we will look at a bunch of new, updated and free apps one last time before riding off into the sunset. Let's saddle up one last time and go out guns blazing!

This week, WM Standard new software is TuneSync for Windows Mobile and Golf Tracks Standard. Updated software includes A3VS DVD Catalyst 3 and SBSH Facade 1.4.1. The free app this week is Skyfire.

WM Professional new software are Budget Manager Deluxe and Video Poker. Updated software includes MASPware GuardMobile and Winterface. Freeware is Digital Tool List v1.0 beta.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is TuneSync for Windows Mobile by Information Appliance Associates. How would you like to sync your iTunes music with your smartphone?

At last, Windows Mobile users can have the best of both worlds. iTunes to manage their music album and a Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone to carry the MP3 (non-copy-protected) music in their iTunes playlists.

If you're only using your Windows Mobile handheld to manage your contacts, calendar, or tasks, you're missing out on one of it's coolest features...taking your favorite music on the road and playing while you work. That's why we created PocketMac