Put on your ten-gallon hat, strap on your chaps, and sharpen up your spurs. It's time once again to Wrangle this week's new, updated and free software for WM Professional and WM Standard.

This week we are featuring new software for WM Standard, e-Mobile Voice Phone Tune mobile ringtone manager and GTS World Racing. Updated software includes FlexMail and Sprite Backup 6. Freeware includes AlarmInfo and PhoneFavs.

WM Professional new software includes 1Touch Contacts and Mahjong Mania Pro. Updated software includes Art of Positions - Mobile Kama Sutra and Agenda One v2. Freeware includes Cellfire Mobile Coupons and Magic Bubble.

Week 3 Software Wrangle begins now!

WM Standard: New

First up is e-Mobile Voice Phone Tune: Mobile ringtone manager v1 by e-Mobile Software, Inc. How would you like to be able to customize your contacts or groups of contacts with any ringtone you want, including your own voice?

Give your contacts distinctive ringtones to fit their unique personalities. With defined ringtones for individuals or groups, this app is as entertaining as it is helpful. Voice Phone Tune will let you add mp3 and wav format ringtones to your device, or record your own voice for creative new sounds