Another week, another software stampede! It's time again for the WMExperts Weekly Software Wrangle. Dig in your spurs and ready your lassos for this week's new, updated and free software for WM Professional and WM Standard.

This week we are featuring new software for WM Standard,Fried Chicken Reloaded and Live Search Mobile. Updated software includes Elecont Weather and CallToJournal for WM. Freeware this week is Bible Names Glossary.

WM Professional new software includes Twin Spin for PPC and BlackJack Classic. Updated software includes SciFi Skin Suite and MemMaid. Freeware offers up Free English-Mandarin Chinese Codebreaker.

Weekly Software Wrangle Week 6 starts now!

WM Standard: New

First up is Fried Chicken Reloaded by In-Fusio Inc. It's fried chicken you don't have to feel guilty about; no grease, fat or cholesterol!

Delirious, Crazy ... You are Leo, The Chicken on a Wire!

More trouble for Leo the chicken to come. Proud as a peacock, he has decided to go to the capital. What a crazy thing to do! He did not weigh up the dangers of the big city: super heroes invading the sky, pigeons taking up residence, strange stuffs tossed out the window