Lumia 950 XL

There remains a large following that continues to hold out for the resurgence of Windows on mobile. Microsoft may still have something in the works, but until the company shares details on new products or software advancements, consumers who enjoy Windows phones are left with the devices of today. This isn't necessarily a negative, given that both the Lumia 950 series and HP Elite are stunning pieces of kit.

But we're interested, alongside forum member Nate W, in how you currently use your Windows phones. Do you use it as your "daily driver?" Do you another Android or iOS phone? Or more than one Windows phone? A conversation is well under way in the community forum.


What are you doing with your Windows Phone? What are you planning to do with your Windows 10 Mobile device(s). What do you like to do with your Windows 10 Mobile? I am curious to know who all is still curious, thriving, or enjoying the Windows 10 mobile world out there... -Are you one who is rotating between the two or three you own ( that's what I do usually :] ) wishing one had aspects of...


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From the forums: What are you doing with your current device?