Microsoft Band

Recently we passed on some of our own thoughts on how it's been living with the Microsoft Band, and a couple of things we'd like to see happen with a successor. It's a great device, for sure, but by no means perfect, and we've all got our own opinions on what we'd do differently for the next one. So, now, we're turning it over to you. What do you want to see most from the next Microsoft Band?

Personally speaking, I've only had mine since the start of CES – British guy had to go all the way to Las Vegas to get one! – but I'm pretty sure I know what I want from the next one. A Gorilla Glass display is pretty much essential since mine is already pretty scratched up. If that's all Microsoft did for the second Band, I honestly think I'd be happy enough.

There's a whole bunch of suggestions we can think of, though, and likely even more we haven't thought of. So we're turning it over to you guys! Drop a vote in the poll and your thoughts into the comments below!

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