Lumia 635

My first Windows Phone? That would have to be the Dell Venue Pro. That sliding portrait-QWERTY keyboard? Swoon. It was a little chunky, but I loved that phone. The screen went into a billion pieces when I dropped it on some ice in Park City after slaying the mountain. That was my first Windows Phone, but it wasn't the hardware that really drew me into the mix - it was the software. What made you first buy Windows Phone?

That's the question being asked right now in the forums. Here's the question being asked by Windows Phone Central users 'switch side method':

"So what made you pick a windows phone in the first place?"

He goes on to cite a variety of reasons why he went with Windows Phone. He ended up getting a Lumia 1520 through a 'buy one, get one' promo deal. He ended up replacing his PlayStation 3 with an Xbox One because of the phone.

A ton of you have replied already with reasons like good price (Lumia 520), love for the Live tiles, killer cameras (Lumia 1020) and more. There are a ton of stories in this forum thread on why people went with Windows Phone in the first place.

Me? I fell in love with Windows Phone when it was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in 2010. I loved the UI and the tiles. I just absolutely loved the design of Windows Phone. I still do to this day.

What about you? What made you first buy Windows Phone? Hit up the thread in the forums or let us know below.

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