Back when Windows Phone 7 was a mass of rumors and conjecture, Microsoft got the Xbox Live ball rolling by announcing 50 Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7. Now, two weeks after the launch, many people are wondering why we only see around 33 Xbox Live titles in the Marketplace.

First of all, the Microsoft announcement indicated that these games would be available at or shortly after the launch.

Today at Gamescom 2010, the world’s largest gaming conference underway in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft announced the first wave of video games that will be available for Windows Phone 7 at launch or shortly after.

Second, we’ve already seen some exciting titles show up that weren’t on the original list including Tetris and Need For Speed Unleashed from Electronic Arts.

The first 50 titles – a mix of new and familiar games that target both the casual and hardcore gamer – are just a sampling of what will ship this holiday…

The bottom line is that Microsoft isn’t doing anyone a disservice by releasing Xbox Live games a few at a time. Last week we saw Assassin’s Creed and The Oregon Trail; this week we have access to Butterfly and Women’s Murder Club. Hopefully it allows people like me to budget their game purchases instead of dropping a couple hundred dollars in the Marketplace at a single sitting. I also believe that this is a marketing decision, allowing Microsoft to bring attention to a couple of new things each week so they don’t get buried under the pile of games that were already released.