Our 800w forums have been on fire since the release of the 800w and one of the most popular threads is looking into what software is compatible with the Treo 800w. Ehsan kicked it off with a stupendous list of software that's compatible and software that's not. I touched on this issue just a tiny bit in our review, but it looks like it's a slightly bigger issues that I'd originally hoped.

The issue: the Treo 800w's 320x320 resolution is relatively new and relatively non-standard for Windows Mobile -- most apps are written for 240x320 screens. The 240x240 on previous WM Treos wasn't too big a deal as it would work at the 240 width and scroll for the rest, but 320 width apparently takes some doing.

In any case, the compatible list is comfortingly long and contains most of my faves, but the incompatible list has a few biggies that a lot of y'all are probably using, including Skype, Pocket Informant 8, SPB Pocket Plus, and more. There's also some unhappiness with TomTom 6, which apparently can't see the 800w's GPS immediately.

Big ups to Ehsan and everybody else in the long, long thread for checking compatibility on all these apps. Hopefully your favorite is working for you. ...Is it?