Windows Phone Games

What is your favorite simple game for Windows Phone? That is a question being tossed around in a Windows Phone Central forum discussion by Forum Member Omar94f.

He is looking for suggestions for games that have really simple controls (such as tapping on the screen as the only gaming control) or possibly games that are easy to play in short bursts. These are often games that are great time wasters that aren't too involved, like a game of Halo: Spartan Assault, but entertaining nonetheless.

So far Omar94f has received some decent suggestions by other WPCentral Forum members such as Pipes from trwrt.

Personally, I still find 2048 as a great time waster of a game that is easy to play, has simple mechanics and can be played for short bursts. You also have Timberman by Digital Melody (or 250K Games) that is a fun, simple game to try.

Other titles that would qualify as a fun, simple game would include Rainbow Rapture, Impossible Shoota and Naargh!!. Then you can also add classics such as Fruit Ninja and Shuffle Party to the mix as well.

Discussion like this should help remind everyone how many quality games are sitting in the Windows Phone Store.

But what say you? What's your favorite simple game for Windows Phone? Feel free to head on over to the Forums and offer up your suggestions.