What's your perfect Windows Phone?

While the current Windows Phone device lineup has plenty of quality choices, if you could design your own Windows Phone, what would it be?

WPCentral reader elliot436 has started a discussion over in the WPCentral Forums asking what your perfect devices would be. So far, the responses range from combining existing devices to more specific requirements.

My perfect device would have 2GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core CPU, 16GB of on-board storage, Qi-wireless charging and micro-SD expansion. For the camera, a nice 20MP PureView camera with RAW file support then add all the typical bells and whistles such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, gyroscope, compass and a 2420 mAh battery. Oh, don't forget Gorilla Glass to protect the 5" 1080p display.

Heck, while I think the world of my Lumia 1020, I'd be content if AT&T picked up a variant of the Lumia Icon without butchering the Qi-wireless charger.

So what say you? If you could spec out your perfect Windows Phone, what would it feature? Or would you play Dr. Frankenstein and simply stitch together various parts from different Windows Phones to create your perfect device.

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