What's it like going from phone to phablet?

With the release of Nokia’s Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320, many fans of Windows Phone have made the leap to a bigger phone than they’ve ever really had the opportunity to have. And while the adoption of these phablets has without a doubt brought many benefits to their new proud owners, it is also likely that the process is not without its challenges and adjustments.

The most glaring difference is the dramatic increased screen size. Sure, everything from email to movies to games look clearer, but the increased tile sizes and extra column of tiles can take some getting used.

Then there’s the overall change in physical size, which may present its own challenges. Does it feel strange to make a phone call on such a large device? And what about carrying it around in your pocket? Depending on how you dress, and whether or not you’ve opted for a case, your whole routine can be altered. We've talked about this in our follow up review of the Lumia 1520, dubbed "Living with it", which sheds some light on this too.

So for those of you who have gone from phone to phablet, what has your experience been? Have you stumbled upon any challenges or was it a pleasant transition?

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