WhatsAppWhatsApp hit v1.6 the other day and right away many of you noticed that you lost the inability to view media--specifically received photos and videos--within the app. That sure is a deal breaker. As we reported the next day, the developers had a mea culpa, confessing that an errant build of the app was submitted to the Marketplace causing the problem.

Now, v1.7 (technically v1.6.2) is live in the Marketplace and it fixes (hopefully) that media-messaging issue and in addition, you get two new functions as well:

  • Able to read and change group icon
  • Improved scrolling behavior

Sure, the app still lacks some personality in regards to the UI in our opinion but at least the developers quickly fixed what could have been a disastrous release. Hopefully we'll see some more added functions in future updates.

Grab the updated version of WhatsApp here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Kirk, for the tip!

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