WhatsApp has been receiving a suspiciously high number of app updates recently. It’s as if they’ve taken a few of Santa’s elves for to help pick up the pace. Last Saturday the app was updated with account migration settings. And just two days ago it was updated with more features. Here we are today with another update from the WhatsApp team. Let’s see what’s new.

Two days ago WhatsApp received the ability to send pre-recorded videos and multiple images. That update, version 2.11.340, was met with enthusiasm from the Windows Phone community. However, the WhatsApp team doesn’t sit still, they’ve pushed out another update that is now live in the Windows Phone Store.

Head to the Store and you’ll see version 2.11.344. What’s new? Just some bug fixes, but it’s great to see this level of support from WhatsApp.

Notice anything wonky from previous versions of WhatsApp that now work with this new update? Sound off below with what you find.

In the meantime, head to the Windows Phone Store to grab the newest version of WhatsApp.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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