WhatsApp Voice Messaging

You would think it were Friday today because we just got word that WhatsApp has pushed out yet another update for their popular messaging app. The company has had updates to their app for the last four Fridays, including version 2.11.40 just four days ago. Yet here we are on a Monday Tuesday and they’re giving us a new one.

So what’s new? Well, there is a changelog for version 2.11.59, though it’s just “Voice Messaging improvements” and “miscellaneous bug fixes”. That’s nothing to get too excited about though we suppose if you use this app frequently enough, fewer bugs and improved Voice Messaging are always a good thing. Plus it demonstrates that the WhatsApp team (working with Nokia) are keeping this app in tiptop shape.

This will be the fifth update in thirty days for WhatsApp making it easily one of the most high profile and frequently updated apps on our platform.

Pick up version 2.11.59 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, Quantano S., for the tip! 

QR: WhatsApp