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Getting a tiny bump

WhatsApp is one of those services that people love to hate on Windows Phone. It seems people use it because everyone else does, thereby making them accomplice to any ongoing issues the app may be having.

Such is the case with the last few updates from the WhatsApp team. Going by the frequent user feedback from you folks, it is evidently slow and crashes (we use Kik so our recent experience is more limited with WhatsApp).

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WhatsApp teased for Windows Phone 8

We just got word that version 2.8.2 is starting to make its way through Marketplace system. Evidently users in the Netherlands can once again get it now whereas those in the US may have to wait until tomorrow (this seems to be the trend lately e.g. Adobe Reader took 14 hours to make it to the US).

Reader Shiawian L. sent us in his report on the update:

“Cannot find an update list. There seems be a new icon for the group and status. Cannot determine if the crash/hanging bug has been fixed yet.”

Indeed we could not find a changelog either. Seeing as version 2.8.0 was the last update, a 0.0.2 update implies bug fixes and little fundamental changes to the app itself like new services. However, that extra 0.0.2 can make a world of difference if it fixes hangups and slow notifications for users.

Since we can’t see the update here in the US and don’t expect it until morning, we’ll just have to rely on your folks for feedback.

Try your luck in the Marketplace here for WhatsApp.

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