Last night we reported that WhatsApp hit v1.6 with a bunch of small fixes and new features. However, many of you noted right away something wasn't right--specifically you can't open up received images or videos sent by other WhatsApp users.

That's a pretty big drawback. So what's the deal? WPCentral reader Robby Light contacted the devs and they responded:

"The submission for 1.6 came from a "tainted" build machine and was not linked correctly.  This makes us fail to download media.  We regret the error and have sent an update to Microsoft.


So there you go. We've seen this error from other apps before where an improper build was submitted to the Marketplace and we've even seen the submission process break an app (i.e. Supertube's video uploading). Hopefully a v1.7 "quick fix" will be pushed out ASAP and you'll get all those missing photos.