The word on the street is that Whatsapp for Windows Phone is due to receive an update in the not so distant future. The world of instant messaging as all been all about BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) recently, although as of yet we don't have a confirmed time frame of when we may see it here on Windows Phone. 

Even if we do get BBM, many users may well still prefer to stick with the familiar Whatsapp as their cross platform instant messaging client of choice. Either way, an update will certainly be most welcomed as it's been a few weeks since our last one.

The site WPArea.de managed to get some info on the upcoming update, mostly found in the beta version that is making the rounds.

New features are to include: 

  • Fix screen in portrait mode
  • Changes the font size in chat bubbles.
  • Read the list failed: This is probably a known bug of the WP7 operating system, that occurs during loading of contacts stored on the device. Please check if a stored contact on your device 29 February has birthday. Change the year of birth or delete the corresponding contact.
  • Social Networks
  • Lock screen setting

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

As can be seen in our exclusive screenshots above, the Lockscreen setting is just a new option within the app to link to the main settings. What is new is that 'Text size' option, giving uses the ability to set the font to a desired size. The 'Social network' setting just allows you to invite people via Facebook or Twitter to WhatsApp, while not a huge change, it's still a welcomed feature.

Thanks for the tip Denize

Source: WParea.de