WhatsApp Windows Phone

It seemed like just two days ago we were telling you about version 2.10.506 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone with presumably more bug fixes and tweaks. Well, another day and another update as version 2.10.523 is now out, once again with no changelog.

That means they’re still optimized the code to improve reliability and for some of you who are still having problems, you’ll want to grab this update ASAP.

We can say that the beta for the app is still going strong as well, meaning this is still an “in the works” project. But like the Windows Phone Facebook team, the beta features and improvements seem to roll out to the public within days and not weeks or months—a nice change in strategy.

Pick up version 2.10.523 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, Dennis A. and TYSON, for the tips!

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