Wheel of Wealth returns to Windows Phone

If you recall, the Windows Phone game Wheel of Wealth was recently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to a intellectual property infringement complaint. The developer vowed to resolve the issues surrounding the complaint and today we received some good news.  Wheel of Wealth is  once again listed in the Windows Phone Store.

For those not familiar, Wheel of Wealth is a Wheel of Fortune-styled game where you are given a hidden word or phrase puzzle. You spin a wheel to determine how much each correctly guessed letter is worth. With each successful guess, you get to spin again. Every letter of the alphabet is available except for vowels. Those you have to buy with your earnings.

Wheel of Wealth make over

Wheel of Wealth adds a turn based, online aspect to the game where you play against other Wheel of Wealth players (registration is free).

The re-release version, v2.1, gives the game a visual makeover and a disclaimer in response to the complaint. Additionally, the developers are working on a Windows 8 version that should be ready at or around the Windows 8 launch.

Version 2.1 should be pushed out as an update for those who didn't uninstall the previous version of Wheel of Wealth.  If you need to reinstall or just can't wait for the update to be pushed out, the new and renovated Wheel of Wealth is still a free, ad-supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.  

If you like puzzle games or online, turned based games Wheel of Wealth is definitely worth a try.

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