Here in New England, we’re getting hit with some nasty winter weather: snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain and all the variants of wintry precipitation. And if you’re planning your day—especially if you golf, ride a motorcycle or were looking to schedule something outside, knowing when that rain is going to happen is important.

Enter in SkyMotion, which just does just that—it pulls down your location and in various, user-selected time increments, tells you the chance of rain in your exact area. Sure, other weather apps tell you that info in a general sense, but this is about granularity, specificity and SkyMotion kicks it up a notch.

The app was previously on Android and iOS but is now available for our Windows Phones...

The app is simple enough: you launch it, it pulls your location (you can also enter in locations for saving and comparison) and it then tells you rain, clear, etc. over the next few hours in 1, 5, 15 or 30 minute intervals. You can even share the information via social networks, email etc. in case you’re collaborating and the app has a Live Tile too. Best part? Yeah, it’s free.

SkyMotion is a certainly a must have app if rain status is important to you and seeing as it costs nothing, is smooth and simple to use we see little reason to not use it. Pick up SkyMotion here in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8.

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