Eros Resmini of GREE

Japanese social gaming giant GREE International made a big splash at E3 this year. Nobody expected a massive booth dedicated to mobile gaming at the console centric show, but GREE’s booth outshined many a console publisher’s. And that’s to say nothing of their party at Club Nokia.

GREE had a strong presence at Casual Connect Seattle as well, though their focus as more on developer relations than showing off an arsenal of quality mobile games. Currently GREE’s ‘platform’ extends only to iOS and Android, but we can’t help wishing for some of their games to land on Windows Phone as well. That’s just one of the things we discussed with Eros Resmini, GREE’s SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing. Video interview after the break!

Eros, one of the founding members of the OpenFeint social platform (acquired by GREE in April 2011) discusses his company’s expansion into the western market, their plans at E3 and Casual Connect, and of course, Windows Phone 8. You won’t find too many gaming executives as articulate and approachable as Eros, so we really enjoyed the conversation. And come on, what a cool name!

Let’s all hope that GREE throws its hat into the Windows Phone arena sooner rather than later. We actually discussed a number of other topics with Eros Resmini as well – stay tuned at sister sites iMore and Android Central for more interview footage.

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