The AT&T Tilt2 has vanished from AT&T's inventory. At least online that is.

Checking both the main AT&T Wireless website and the Premiere Customer site (business accounts) the Tilt2 is no where in sight. We've seen the Tilt2 marked as "out of stock" and offered as refurbished but never completely taken off the inventory listing.

The only three remaining Windows Phones listed with AT&T are the Samsung Jack (currently out of stock), the Samsung Propel and HP Glisten.

Granted this could be a regional issue or just a simple oversight.  But could this be a sign that AT&T is making room for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 units? If so, doesn't it feel early to be clearing out room for a phone that isn't supposed to hit market until November?  If we get any updates, we'll pass them along.