We ran across an interesting application and at first glance, thought it was an app from another phone that we are forbidden to mention out loud. "Where is..." is a navigational application that gives you a perception of distance and direction from a destination. It feeds off your phone's GPS (works with external receivers as well) and as the title suggests, "Where is..." is a work in progress.

The best example to use in describing the usefulness of "Where is..." is the situation where you need to remember where you parked your car. With "Where is..." you can mark the location of your parked car (before heading to the mall, movie theater, airport, etc.) and as you move about, "Where is..." will be able to track you back to the destination location. A GPS bread crumb trail of sorts.

The application seemed a little temperamental. I found that it simply takes a little time for the app to find the GPS. You have three main screens at this time with "Where is". The main screen has your destination location and direction of travel. If no destination has been identified, the main screen displays the current longitude/latitude. You have a handy dandy compass screen that reminded me of the other guy's app and you have a GPS data screen. Future releases will have satellite views, signal and battery strength bars, and the ability to search position coordinates from addresses.

There is a GoogleMaps interface that will launch GoogleMaps from "Where is..." should you need to go to a full map view. The application is a little on the slow side to adjust for your movements but if you're a GPS junky, "Where is..." is an interesting application to tinker with and can come in handy if you have trouble remembering you're way home, back to the car, or campsite.