Nokia and in this case UK carrier Three, have co-released a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 925. Falling under the “absurd” category, the Finnish smartphone maker asks Do Carrots help you see in the Dark? The ad then shows what looks to be a scientific test with subjects consuming vast quantities of carrots and then engaging in sports like hurdles and boxing, but completely without light.

The subjects of course fail miserably and since people falling down is allegedly funny, it is supposed to get a laugh.

The commercial ends with the line “For better low-light performance, try the Nokia Lumia 925” along with the Three’s branding.

While the commercial is mildly entertaining, it suffers from the same problem as the other recent Lumia 925 ad: they never actually show the device (let alone it doing anything). That seems a bit odd, since they could have easily have shown the phone twirling around or looking all pretty with its Live Tiles. Even more, they could have showed it taking photos in low light and the results.

It's not clear if this will air on TV or just be a web-only video, but for now you can watch it on YouTube (which we only use to watch Nokia ads, evidently).

We’ll leave it up to you folks though. Yay or nay?

Source: Nokia UK (YouTube)