White Lumia EOS

News flash. Nokia is making a Windows Phone that is going to be packing a camera with something like 41MP. That’s bonkers and we’re getting more and more proof of the existence of this upcoming, groundbreaking phone. We were recently invited to a press event in NYC on July 11th where we suspect and expect to officially learn all about the Lumia “EOS”. But until then we keep getting leaks here and there about the phone.

Today is no different.

Up above you’ll notice a white smartphone housing that looks just like the various ones we’ve seen floating on the web. So good news for everyone wanting a white polycarbonate based EOS in the coming months. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see some more of our favorite colors like yellow or cyan in the mix. What color do you want?

So what do we know about EOS? Quite a bit actually. At the end of May we learned that the device was testing on AT&T’s network under “Elvis” and it may have recently slipped through the FCC for its imminent arrival. Spec wise we still suspect the following:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes

The device also recently had a “hands-on” with an internet leakster. There we received plenty of photos of the device and even the video you see below of the optical focus.

We’re so close.

Source: Sinaimg.cn

Thanks for the tip Hengxiang32401!