No, don't you worry, WMExperts is still here and will still be here after iDay. But despite (because) the fact that capitalization humor is played out, the week's iPhone iNsanity is pretty tiring. So tiring, in fact, that I'm just flat-out not going to cover it here for the rest of the week. There is good coverage over at phone different, especially this post, which details some Windows Mobile vs. iPhone sniping. Then again, there's a rumor that Apple is, in fact, going to get Push Exchange email on the iPhone in the near future, which will definitely take away one of Windows Mobile's primary advantages. If that's true, I hope MS is charging them a lot for it.

The real deal is that the reviews are pouring in from the heavy-hitters in the tech-review world. Opinions are good, generally, but I have to say that I feel for future iPhone users: No cut and paste and EDGE speeds is going to make the iPhone feel a little like the Dash when it comes to being productive with the internets. Oh, and it doesn't look like there's A2DP support either. Oops.

Anyhow, expect light posting for the next few days here at WME. Call it an iPhone funk.