Add another site to the growing list of people making iPhone-like interfaces, only this time with a catchier name: I can't say I'm on board with using Flash to develop the interface - yes, it's very fast and yes it lets you get "the pretty" relatively quickly. But in exchange for that it's a bit of a resource hog and (somebody correct me if I'm wrong here) it isn't going to be as compatible with the pantheon of WM devices as it ought to be.

In any case, if the iPhone has taught us nothing else, it's taught us that while using a stylus is acceptable for PDAs, it flat out sucks having to use it with a smartphone. If I can't use a smartphone one-handed, I can't use that smartphone as my main brain, period. That the reason that I'm anti-slider most of the time.

Let's just hope that the interface that rolls out of this beta program doesn't feature as many sentences in ALL CAPS as the about page does. :p

When I opened up a new project for a Windows Moblie device in CS3 and started digging around it became clear to me... THIS WOULD BE A FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT TO BUILD A NEW COOL INTERFACE FOR A WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE! Thats when I started playing around... and within only a few hours I was able to have a new launcher screen up and running with shortcuts to several apps on my device sporting full PNG transparency support, a full screen interface, and interactive and dynamic content using the wonders of Flash itself!

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