Lumia 930 vs iPhone 6

Microsoft is running their own little series at the moment charting why some, selected individuals have ditched their iPhone and started using a Lumia. After all, the switch doesn't have to be the other way.

Here's an except from the most recent post, written by web designer, Mihai Cristian Andrei:

"As a web designer and photographer, you have to rely on your phone most of the time when it comes to efficiency, productivity, and quality. I was using the iPhone 6 as my daily driver for five months when I decided to to switch to a Lumia 930. I knew I was throwing away a very acclaimed product, but I felt that a Windows Phone could actually be better for me and oh boy was I right."

He then goes on to list his reasons, which include the home screen and live tiles, Cortana and of course, the camera. Check out the full post at the source link down below for the full run down.

But, we liked this idea so much that we want your stories. Why did you go Lumia over iPhone? We've got a forum thread going where we want to hear your tales. In a couple of weeks we'll have a look through them and maybe we'll feature some of our favorites right here on the Windows Central homepage.

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