This little tidbit from DigiTimes is interesting:

Smartphone handset vendors, including Mobile and Wireless Group (MWG) (ex-O2 Asia Pacific), i-mate and Palm, have recently switched their smartphone orders back to High Tech Computer (HTC), with the shifting of orders to push the ratio of ODM revenues at HTC to over 10% in the first quarter of this year, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

So, HTC, I am curious: You make about 10% of your revenue by manufacturing phones for companies that are essentially your competitors. Now Palm, one of these competitors, tried to move away from you a bit, but now they're coming back -- probably because you're better at making those darn Treos than anybody else. So, basically, a whole bunch of your competitors are depending on you to manufacture quality products for them. Seems a bit weird, no?

Here's my question: If you refused to be the ODM for these competitors, isn't it at least possible you'd make up that 10% loss in revenue with increased growth of your own brand and product?

Seems like it might be. We at WMExperts have long been telling you you're not the David in the world of Goliaths you sometimes pretend to be. You're a giant, HTC, and you have a giant heart for continuing to help out these little guys as their ODM. It's sweet, really... just a little strange.