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President Barack Obama has been known to be a die-hard BlackBerry fan for years now, even as the Waterloo company is scrambling for its life to stay afloat. While he can wait for BlackBerry 10 to arrive sometime next year, we think he should start considering other options. (After all, that platform won’t have 100,000 apps, right?)

In a somewhat humorous moment this past weekend, the President started to use an iPhone, presumably either as a backup, transition device or just someone else’s. Either way, he evidently wasn’t at all familiar with neither the phone nor the OS and he scrambled a bit when trying to dial out.

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The Lumia 920: A phone fit for a president?

It goes to show you that iOS isn’t automatically the most intuitive OS, even if we’re seeing seniors using them left and right these days.

For that reason, Mr. President, may we suggest a nice shiny new Lumia 920? It has style, it’s fast, it’s easy to use and with Windows Phone 8, you’ll have that security you so much covet in your old BlackBerry. Plus you can wear gloves while using it in the cold D.C. winters, take great photos of your family and won’t have to worry about being just another iPhone users—now’s the time to think different!

Why not Zoidberg?

Because that’s hope and change we can believe in.

Edit: Awww...what was suppose to be a fun little article turned all angry and mean. We know everyone is divided politically in the US but we were hoping that Windows Phone could bring us together. Sadly, it can't. So as to prevent some of you from saying some regrettable missives, we're turning off comments.

Take it easy folks. We're all in this together. (And if you have time, read this: 'The Online Disinhibition Effect'

Source: Washington Times; via: CrackBerry