We ran across an interesting user interface that brings widgets, similar to Samsung's TouchWiz UI, to your Windows Mobile phone. FEWidgetsLite is a Windows Mobile freeware application that allows you to create you own widgets as well as utilize pre-set widgets such as calculator, RSS Feed Reader, Date widget, Weather, Appointments, and many more.

FEWidgetsLite is a beta application (current version v0.2.6) and there may be a few bugs left in the application. It does require .NET Framework 3.5 and Flash Lite 3.1 to be installed on the device. So if you're a fan of widgets but for whatever reason don't find the Omnia appealing, FEWidgetsLite may be an alternative to consider.

Just remember to back up everything first, 'mkay?


Update: Some video after the break. Turn your speakers down first.