The new Surface Pro looks pretty, pretty, pretty great. We simply cannot wait for June 15, when the device is expected to be released. We're all over the new Surface Pro like, well ... like Alcantara on a Surface Signature Type Cover.

What about you? Do you plan to purchase a new Surface Pro? Vote in our poll below and let the Windows Central community know.

And when you're done there, pop on over to our new Surface Pro forums to share specifics on what you think of the device — and whether or not you plan to buy one.

Al Sacco

So, the new Surface Pro is official! What do we think? Disappointed? Or excited? And most importantly, do you plan to buy one? Let’s keep it simple, using this format: Will you buy it (yes/no/maybe) > Why, or why not? I’ll get started: Yes > That thing is slick looking, and I could really use a new Surface. Pen looks sick too! Your turn ...


In the forums: Are you buying the new Surface Pro or what?