Windows Phone Sneakers

Polish carrier Plus has just launched a new contest to help celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 630. The competition is open to anyone who bought a Lumia after March 1st and it’s probably one of the coolest contests we’ve come across. Customers can download a free app dubbed ‘Trampkomania with Windows Phone’, which allows you to submit a photo of your personalized Start screen. If you win? You get some sneakers with the Windows Phone branding, one of which can is in the above lede image.

The contest runs from May 26 through June 30 and it is only open to those on the Plus carrier with a phone purchased on March 1 or later. In essence, the carrier is promoting the new Lumia 630 although those with other Lumias purchased recently can participate.

Our friends in Poland at note how the contest works (translation):

"18 people will be awarded every day. The winners will be chosen by the Competition Committee which will consider creativity, originality, aesthetic qualities and the ability to use the merits of Windows Phone system in submitted projects. The winners will be informed via the application. The contest prizes are sneakers with special print which participants choose when submitting their work."

We have to admit, this contest is quite creative. We also desperately want a pair of those kicks, because yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

If you’re in Poland and on Plus, you can download the app here from the Store (the app is not region locked, so anyone can download it). For more information, follow the source links below!

Source:, Contest page; via (Bing Translator); Thanks, djfoxer and WPWorld, for the tips!

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