Xbox One Titanfall Controller

If you are on the edge of your seat waiting for Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming exclusive first-person shooter, Titanfall, then you might rejoice in the fact that the company is looking to give away some limited edition hardware. In preparation for the Xbox One launch, you have the opportunity to win a limited edition Titanfall wireless controller (normal retail price - $64.99 USD).

Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft are teaming together and looking for gamers to enter a drawing for a chance to get their hands on the limited edition piece. To enter, you are going to want to head over to Major Nelson’s blog and submit a question that you would like the Titanfall development team to answer about their upcoming game.

Major Nelson gives a tip on his blog that contestant entrants should try to ask more in-depth questions, instead of just posting something questions such as, “How many ____ will be in the final game?” Head over to the blog now and get your question posted. Note: Do not post your questions here on WPCentral!

Are you excited for the launch of Titanfall?

Source: Major Nelson's Blog