Here's a blast from my past, WinAmp, the media player that really whips the llama's ass. It used to be my media player of choice back in the day. Maybe it should be again, as they're just announced that they'll soon be offering WinAmp -> Mobile streaming. It looks like they're offering the service via Orb (see, which is a smart move IMO.

You know, being a Mac + WM5 user is really starting to chafe a bit. There are so many great Windows-Only apps that connect your phone up to your PC.

Dulles, VA – March 22, 2007 – Winamp has announced a mobile extension to its "Winamp Remote" PC-to-PC streaming service, currently in Beta. Starting March 26, Winamp Remote users will be able to access their home music library through streaming mobile devices. This new mobile service will offer users a playback-focused experience where content will stream at the appropriate bitrate for the data connection and format for streaming players. Current Winamp Remote users can access the service at from their phone. No new installation or client software is required. New users will need to download the Winamp Remote client on to their home PC at

Winamp Remote on Mobile will work on handsets with a data plan, Web browser, and any kind of streaming media player: 3gp, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or Flash. Winamp Remote does not support the streaming of DRM protected music.