windows 10

Microsoft isn't offering much information at this point on its app strategy for Windows 10, but that may change on November 12 as the company could make some announcements at two events; one in New York City and the other in London.

We've already reported about the London event, called Future Decoded, which is actually a three day conference. The third day, November 12, will focus on app developers. In addition, ZDNet reports, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft will hold an invite only event in New York City on that same day that will also focus on apps.

ZDNet says that Microsoft might launch the next beta of "Visual Studio 14", the placeholder name for the next version of its softare development tools, on or about November 12. Microsoft might use both events to give developers a heads up on its universal apps plans. The company has already told developers that "the best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to keep building universal Windows apps."

What do you think of Microsoft's universal apps strategy and how it might work for Windows 10?

Source: ZDNet