Windows 10

If a product slide for future versions of Intel's Compute Stick is correct, Microsoft will offer yet another variant of Windows 10 to OEM makers. The slide references 'Windows 10 with Bing", which could be a new version of the previous Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU.

Microsoft first announced Windows 8.1 with Bing in 2014, which would be pre-loaded on many PCs and tablets. The SKU has all of Windows 8.1's features, except that it has Bing set up as the default search engine within Internet Explorer. People who buy a new PC with Windows 8.1 with Bing pre-installed still have the option to change that search engine default if they want. The SKU was priced lower than the normal Windows 8.1 for PC makers.

Intel Compute Stick Roadmap slide

The leaked product road map for the Intel Compute Stick shows "Windows 10 with Bing" listed on two upcoming versions of the HDMI dongle. It seems like this SKU will be offered to PC makers as well, most likely with the same set up of Bing as the default search engine. In turn, OEMs should be able to price certain PCs and tablets with this version of Windows 10 lower than their devices with the regular variants of the OS.

Source:; Via: Neowin