Windows 10

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement today that Windows 10 will have its official launch on July 29, the company may already be planning to issue new Windows Insider preview builds for both the Fast and Slow rings members.

In posts on his Twitter account this morning, Windows Insider lead Gabriel Aul commented on a new Windows 10 build, 10134:

"Running 10134 on this PC (HP Spectre x360) and it's even better imo. Fast ring may get this one too."

In a follow-up post he hinted that build 10134 would not have any major new features, saying:

"At the stage where we're mostly bug fixing and refining, so lots of little improvements to every build."

Slow ring preview members who have been waiting patiently for a build for several weeks may soon get the current 10130 version. Aul stated:

"Data on 10130 is looking good so far. Feels like a good candidate for Slow ring but we'll keep watching feedback for a bit."

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)