Windows 10

Windows 10 increased its share of the total worldwide PC operating system market to 9% during November 2015. That's a much bigger increase for the new OS compared to 7.94% in October and 6.63% in September 2015. The numbers were revealed today by research firm Net Applications, who monitors operating system usage from tens of thousands of websites.

Even with that surge, Windows 10 is still in fourth place among all PC operating systems worldwide, according to Net Applications. Windows 7 still has a solid lock on the number one spot with 56.11% in November, which is actually up from 55.77% in October. Windows 8.1 was second with 11.15%, up from 10.68% in October. Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, was listed in third in November with 10.58%, down from 11.68% in October.

Two older Windows operating systems that Microsoft still supports are well behind the others. Windows 8 is now in fifth place with 2.88% and Windows Vista's share is just 1.61%, which puts it behind both OS X 10.11 and 10.10, along with Linux.

Microsoft's last official update on Windows 10 was back in early October, when it said it had been installed on over 110 million PCs and tablets in the first three months since it launched. It's likely that number is much higher now.

Source: Net Applications