With today's official announcement of Windows 10 and the scheduled launch of its Technical Preview on Wednesday, Microsoft has posted up a new video showing the upcoming OS in action, demoed by Joe Belfiore, the current Corporate Vice President at its Operating Systems Group.

The clip begins with Belfiore explaining how Microsoft really, really wants to get feedback from the Windows 10 Technical Preview from its users, and emphasizes the fact that this build is not for the casual PC user but for the enthusiast. Members of the Windows Insider Program will gain access to new builds of Windows 10 before anyone else.

The Windows 10 demo shows off the new Start menu, with the familiar Windows 7 UI on the left combined with the Windows 8 live tile look on the right. The Search bar is also in the new Start menu and it can get results from the Internet as well as from the local PC.

The Modern UI apps in Windows 8 can be windowed and resized on the desktop, according to the demo, and the new task view button allows Windows 10 users to switch quickly between apps. Snapping apps will be improved in Windows 10 by offering more layout choices and up to four apps snapped to the desktop screen at once.

Finally, Belfiore shows off the multi-desktop feature, which allows users to have a different desktop for work and another for home and/or fun. Did you like or dislike what you saw in the Windows 10 demo video?

Source:Windows on YouTube