Windows 10 start screen for small tablets

A number of screenshots showing what Windows 10 might look like when running on small tablets have been leaked, showing how the UI and apps will scale to fit the displays for those devices.

The screenshots were posted by WinBeta, which reports that they come from a very early build of the OS running on tablets that have displays that are below 8 inches. As such, the look of the OS will likely change when the final version is released. For example, the image of the Start screen is not yet completed and Microsoft will make changes so that it operates better on the smaller screen.

WinBeta states:

"The new Windows 10 apps are designed to scale at almost all screen sizes. When running on Windows 10 tablets, this is no different. Apps like Calculator and Voice Recorder take advantage of the extra real estate, displaying the apps as if they were desktop apps instead of phone apps."

Windows 10 file explorer small tablets

The desktop mode seems to not be available in the small tablet version of Windows 10, which makes it similar to the one that's being developed for smartphones. The tablet version will support Bluetooth mice and keyboards as well. There's no word if Microsoft will release a public preview version of Windows 10 for small tablets as it has for the PC and smartphones.

Source: WinBeta